Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rules of the Reviews

Here's a more obligatory post. As I often write reviews on various subjects, I should point out that, more often than not, my types of reviews are two.

One is categorized, and scaled individually. This will typically be used on merchandise and the like, as there are many small aspects that come together to create one solid item - if one fails, as does the rest. As stated preemptively in my SHMA Godzilla 2001 review, these will use a basic 5/5 scale.

The other is a long, more article-esque overview. This applies to film, music, and anything not as intricately structured (unless stated otherwise). I find that these subjects are one solid production in and of themselves, and thus, should be judged as a whole. Picking apart each element does not accurately describe the complete piece, and the general impact, which is what often matters most when critiquing a film or album. These will also use the aforementioned 5/5 scale.

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