Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I've found that, for whatever reason, Humans as a general collective are naturally and inescapably drawn to any form of 'Society'; whether it be concerning a group of like-minded individuals to mingle amongst, or simply for the hedonistic pleasure of being praised by a peoples. Often, both intertwine, the group itself fawning over a specific idol, whether it be a person, an idea, or even so much as a feeling.

As previously stated, this is a trend that is virtually inevitable; part of our coding. The self-proclaimed 'antisocial' have direct ties to this world; whether through cynicism, or longing. The separated wish to be apart of that world. The 'popular', or more accurately, 'famed' take pride in their ability to head such a world. The eccentric or unusual act in a way so as to rebel from their self-determined definition of society. It is in this that we find that sociality is one of the core traits that makes us unique amongst creatures.

I feel that I am relatively accepted by the societal structure around me; though, in some sense, I rarely feel the need to keep this in check, to assure that it never falls too strongly one way or the other. As pitifully self-prideful as this may sound, I say it with no intended undertones - simply because I have assured myself that, beyond all reasonable doubt, the society that which imprisons and empowers us is entirely, totally and factually a creation of falsity.

One's self is a being that cannot be correctly explained via our grasp on communication; existence, in and of itself, defies all Human-defined 'logic'. The world generated between our eyes, minds and hearts is one that, by our understanding, should not exist in the individual thought-centric fashion that it does.

Each person lives in a world that they themselves can affect and control - a world through their eyes, and their eyes only. Each of their thoughts and inflections exists on a slate that only they may access; every decision, every movement, every mere inflection - effectively only theirs. Never can one person feel the emotions, experience the thoughts, nor share the same exact outward personality traits as another being. Even those closest to you are not more than roles to be filled, ingredients in the mixture that makes up who you individually will become.

Yet, a person is never technically alone in their skull, as the common sadder viewpoint would lead one to believe; that would be counter-intuitive. A person is subject to society and it's people for one simple reason; to develop their character. To meld, and shape them. Whether taken literally or not, it is reasonable to view that you are the very world. Your mind is the planet Earth. Your soul is everything, everywhere, anything.

Upon learning and accepting this, one can see that not only does one not have to adhere by Human defined standards - one no longer needs the 'acceptance' of what may very well be mere automatons. One sees clearly that life, in and of itself, is a one-way road to a finalized, perfected 'you'; an obstacle course specifically designed to test and dig into your very spirit.

Whether or not this directly correlates to the existence of a gamemaster - a Tester - is for one's self to choose.

There is no society to pander to. There is no-one that can truly control your thoughts, nor opinions. You are all that there ever is, and ever can be.

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