Saturday, March 4, 2017

March On

Another month goes by - with notably less posts than the first month, which unsurprisingly was a peak period in my activity here on Wastelnd. Various personal and technical setbacks have led me to accidentally ignoring this blog, but as things are at once back in order, I hope to slowly but surely regain the fiery pace I had blazed.

I intentionally have changed focus in my writings; leaning more to the personal, unabashed intentions I had initially scoped for this site. Naturally, not everything ought to be written - if not for my own comfort, than for the fact that they simply couldn't be expressed with any proper techniques - however, I am quite happy with the atmosphere these posts have dipped into, giving more of a soul to what will often tend to be a rather eccentric little 'time capsule'.

On that note; I find it very interesting to read back even to A Warm Welcome and reconsider opinions I had strongly expressed, as little as three months ago.  In fact, many of the points I make to describe myself I can now soundly rebuttal as faults which have set up previous 'failures' rather directly. Makes one revel in how their own mind has expanded beyond the confines it had once been contained in (... not unlike a pickle jar, perhaps), very much for the better - narcissistic, but not untrue. There's certainly some indescribable psychological advantage to laying one's self down on digital paper every so often.

Focusing on the present, March is, as seemingly always - at least, for me -, an exciting, busy month. Besides my own birthday on the 30th, I have a handful of neat events and goals laying ahead that I very much look forward to. Continuing preparations and work for my new DeviantArt page, pursuing new avenues of  individual life, jotting a series of literary ideas that may turn out longer than the Good Book itself, and adapting to a changing atmosphere both in and out of my own spirit is keeping things as electric as ever. I'm just glad to finally be long past the shock, and rolling straight into through the spark.

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