Monday, January 2, 2017

A Warm Welcome

I've considered a blog, or at the very least, a means of simple, direct, yet expressive output for a long time. I often feel a desire to share my interests, my ideas - yet, at the same time, I never feel a special relevance with or without my opinions being held on a marble pedestal.

It's that focus on irrelevance that I think many a modern person experiences; in a world of fame defined by digitally registered numbers, being one of the mere digits is inevitable - and inescapable. Being just one small voice is the nature of the medium, a vast blank slate on which the entire world may paint. And it is as freeing as it is confining.

However, as upsettingly vast the Web can be, it has niches. One small link can reveal an entire ecosystem of people, people eerily similar upon close inspection. Small beings in the form of communities, often with similar links; one thing leads to another. One interest often indirectly correlates to hundreds of others.

And that, in and of itself, can describe what I expect to come of this blog. Not one overarching theme, not one direct mission - instead, a compendium of my indirectly related interests. Death leads to life, which leads to society, which leads to individual people, which leads to interest, which leads to thought - which has far too many facets to list. However, I more or less feel I can shed light on my own versions of these facets through these various writings.

I will openly admit to being a natural child of modern life. I don't find myself to be on a specific mental level above the vast majority of the world, and nor do I wish to achieve that goal; I love the trash of humanity. The effortless, and pandering. The worlds of corporate color that are designed only to rake in countless figures of cash.

Though, to keep this introduction relatively short - I also do find myself capable. I have a deep personal interest in the lighter, mindless side of the world, yet I dive much too far into these areas for my own good. A nearly obsessive drive digs for analysis, and this drive is really quite inescapable. Not as a pestering annoyance - but as a seemingly ingrained reaction.

As sardonic as it naturally comes off, I don't expect a reader base; I don't need my words to be seen as code. As I've lived, I've realized not to expect existence to magnetize itself to my doing - as, after, all, who's to say that 'existence' itself is real? Instead, it is best to grab existence by the throat, and take all that is has.

Er-- that's a little dark. How about, grab existence's hand and playfully jaunt through a springtime park. That's nice.

Originally posted January 1st, 2017

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